Our Mission

"Our Mission" expresses the value that the Group should offer to the world, and represents the reason why the AGC Group exists.

Our Shared Values

"Our Shared Values" expresses the key ideas that all AGC Group members must share as the basis for every action we take.

Our Spirit

Our Spirit is embodied in the words of Toshiya Iwasaki, the founder of AGC Inc. He overcame numerous difficulties and successfully grew the Company into prominence. This phrase represents his pioneer spirit which every member of the Group should inherit and pursue in their everyday activities.

Our Mission / Our Shared Values / Our Spirit

See the AGC "Our Vision" page for more information.

See the AGC brand statement "Your Dreams, Our Challenge" page for more information www.agc.com/en/company.

AGC Group is contributing to sustainable development to help ensure a bright future for our planet, please see our CSR activities

AGC Group Vision and Policies

Group Vision Look Beyond

The Group Vision Look Beyond is at the root of all business operations and social activities of the AGC Group. This corporate philosophy will be carried on into the future.

Management Policy

The Management Policy sets the course of action for all of the Group's business activities providing social and business aspirations, guidelines and directives. It is revised as necessary to reflect changes in the business environment and circumstances of the Group.

AGC Group Charter of corporate behavior

The Group Charter sets forth and declares the perspectives that form the basis of our behavior to ensure that the AGC Group will remain a good corporate citizen.

AGC Group Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets forth standards to be observed by all Group members from the perspective of "Integrity" om Pir Sjared Values under the AGC Group Vision Look Beyond