Silent electrical de-icing at the touch of a button, no more manual scraping.

In humid conditions, also ensures efficient defogging.

Targeted heating options for wipers, cameras or sensors.

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Technical information

Superfine and almost invisible wires embedded within the laminated glass ensure the most efficient electrically-powered defrosting / defogging solution on the market.

Heating the glass from the inside ensures the fastest results with the lowest energy consumption. For example:

De-icing in less than 12 minutes in a -18°C environment.

De-icing in less than 5 minutes in a -7°C environment.

Targeted heating of the wiper area is possible, ensuring better safety through longer durability of wiper blades and improved wiping. Heating can be targeted on other parts of the windshields (A-pillar, corners…)

Works with standard automotive electrical systems (12-14V).

Compatible with most of other types of windshield (acoustic glazing, thin glazing, head-up display).