Get connected to your available network (4G/5G), without repeater, SIMPLY THROUGH THE GLASS

Next generation of glazing offering connectivity for High Insulating Glass

Available on the widest range of high performance coated glass

High optical performance

Environmentally friendly

ID card

Trends & needs

Comfort & convenience

Infotainment & connected vehicle




Technical information

WaveThru™ is an insulated glass which allowing the waves to enter the vehicle without distorting the properties of the coating.

WaveThru™ is dramatically improving the dB attenuation reaching a performance similar to non-coated glass

WaveThru™ decreases the operating costs of the vehicle, killing the need for a repeater, and reducing the use of air conditioning system

WaveThru™ is an insulated glass (2 or more layers of glasses) assembled around a spacer. The sheets of glass are covered by a superposition of specific metal and metallic oxides coatings which reinforces the insulation and solar control properties. Therefore thermal insulation (U-value) and greenhouse effect (solar factor) reach unequaled performances.

WaveThru™ is dramatically improving the passenger comfort : cool feeling in summer, warm effect in winter, no glare,…)

WaveThru™ is totally compatible with safety requirements :
o use of safety tempered and/or laminated glass
o emergency exist

WaveThru™ can be customized to reach customer’s requirements in terms of: :