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A clear and undistorted view  Ethe basic requirement of automotive glass

The basic requirement of automotive glass is to provide a clear and undistorted view of the road and the surroundings. Though taken for granted, this is in fact very difficult for automotive glass and requires a very high level of technology.
With the evolution in automobile design, the area occupied by automotive glass is steadily growing and the curved streamline shape is currently the standard.
However, if glass is bent in a curved shape, it can creat distortion like a lens. It may distort the view through the glass.
No matter how complex the shape is, providing an undistorted view is the basics and the most important factor of automotive glass.

Two Basic Types of Automotive Glass

Basically, automotive glass can be classified into two main types - laminated glass and tempered glass. AGC Automotive has developed two corresponding brands - namely LAMISAFE and TEMPERLITE.

Laminated Glass

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Tempered Glass

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Value-add Automotive Glass

The rapid evolution of cars calls for glass of higher quality and performance.
Employing the all-round capability of the AGC Group in fields ranging from glass to chemicals and electronics, together with its own worldwide R&D capacity, AGC Automotive is working to develop an array of sophisticated products.

Improved Comfort

AGC Automotive’s advanced technologies are greatly enhancing the comfort inside the car. IR-Cut glass and UV-Cut glass filter out the mid-infrared radiation that causes uneasiness to users. They are, therefore, expected to improve indirectly the fuel efficiency by reducing the need for air-conditioning.

  • Light Control Glass
  • UV-Cut Glass
  • IR-Cut Glass
  • Privacy Glass
  • Acoustic Glass
  • Laminated Side Window
  • Low-E Glass

Better Visibility

A durable, water-repellent fluorine coating on door glass safeguards visibility when driving in the rain. Such water-repellent glass is just one of AGC Automotive’s contributions to enhanced safety by ensuring a clear view from inside the car.

  • Water-repellent Door Glass
  • Electro-thermal Defogging Glass
  • Windshilds with Heated Wiper / Camera Area
  • Heated Coated Windshields
  • Heated Wire Windshields

Information Communication

AGC Automotive’s R&D is pursuing to meet the growing information-communication functions of cars. Such technologies include glass antennas which can fulfill their functions without compromising the design of the vehicle; head-up displays which can provide information to drivers safely.

  • Printed Glass Antenna
  • Embedded Digital TV Glass Antenna
  • Glass for Head-Up Display


Module assembly windows in which the surrounding resin parts are encapsulated on to glass contribute to enhanced vehicle styling and aesthetics.

  • Module Assembly Window