Providing well-being, comfort & gratification to Car Consumers searching for a WOW-Feature in their car:

On-demand control of the amount of light entering the vehicle at the simple touch of a button.

In a few moments, the glass switches from clear to dark and vice versa.

Skin Health Protection by preventing UV-Rays from entering the car.

Thermal Comfort for the car occupants by reducing the heat penetration into the car, also in clear mode.

Enables fuel savings and decreases CO2 emissions by reducing air-conditioning needs.

Compatible with different solutions to enable the removal of the mechanical curtain, it can reduce even more the vehicle weight & increase the head space for car occupants.

Allows the segmentation of the lighting/shading zones to enable a more customizable privacy control, which can be manual or automatized.

Moving the glazing into the new world of mobility by continuously integrating different technologies which can be controlled "on demand", not only on (autonomous or electrical) cars but also on public transportation modes.

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Trends & needs

  • Thermal comfort
  • Convenience
  • Emissions reduction



Technical information

A thin film laminate of rod-like nano-scale particles suspended in a liquid film is sandwiched between two glass sheets laminated together. Light transmission can be adjusted by applying a voltage, aligning more or less the suspended particles and letting light pass.

Control the amount of light and heat entering inside the car through the glazing, at the simple touch of a button. The amount of light transmitted can be tuned on a continuous way from dark to clear and vice versa.

Privacy on-demand by the user: light transmission varying from 35% down to <1% (in a clear-clear laminated glazing), depending on glass structure. Other contrast values are possible, depending on the requirements and applications.

In summer, keeps comfortable temperatures in the car, by reflecting invisible infrared sunrays in a significant way.

Frees up internal headroom (~25mm) and provides weight savings by removing the need of a classic sun shade.

AGC can provide a seamlessly and fully integrated system for Wonderlite glass, including the Electronic Controller System, with pre-aligned technical capabilities of glass and electronic experts including integration within the vehicle architecture, including a dedicated software design for the function driving.