Our main products

AGC HeatControl Windshield

Control Heat, whatever the season

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AGC Smart Glazing Wonderlite™

Wonderful light, shading & privacy control "on demand"

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AGC WaveThru™

4G/5G access inside the train, simply through the glazing

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AGC On-glass Antenna

Clear connectivity

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Innovating into the future

AGC Automotive offers an enriched and exciting lifestyle through glazing solutions installed on your vehicle. Our solutions are distributing benefits on the five following automotive trends & needs.

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Our main activities

Automotive Glass OEM

AGC Automotive is a worldwide leader in automotive glazing for new vehicles, all around the world…

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Automotive Replacement Glass

AGC Automotive Replacement Glass (ARG) serves our aftermarket customers covering the full supply chain: from production to distribution and replacing broken glazing…

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Transport and Industrial Vehicles Glass

AGC Automotive creates glazing systems for trains, trams, bus & industrial cabins. And we have been doing so for more than 50 years…

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AGC Vision

Our vision is to become the most respected automotive parts supplier in the world

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