• Resilience

    Thanks to an advanced lamination process, AGC glass is solid, strong and stress-resistant. It meets all major mechanical resistance requirements.

  • Optimal geometric fit to car

    AGC checks the dimensions of all its glass to ensure the perfect fit with your car and to reduce the likelihood of rupture due to excessive mechanical forces on the glass.

  • Safe delivery

    All AGC ARG glass is packed under optimal conditions to avoid scratches and breakage during transportation. Special protection in the crate prevents glass from moving unexpectedly during transport.

  • Adherence to international standards

    AGC ARG glass is homologated according to the United Nations R43 Regulation, the European 92/22 Directive and the American standard ANSI Z.26.1. In addition, all AGC plants are ISO/TS 16949 certified and are audited on a yearly basis

  • Long lifetime

    Whatever the weather conditions and no matter the number of cleaning cycles, AGC glass retains its properties, and no defects will appear during the lifetime of your laminated glass.

  • Optimal visibility

    AGC carefully evaluates the optical properties of all glass during development and mass production. Tests for optical distortion in reflection and in transmission are conducted in our internal labs.

  • Protection in case of accident

    All tests related to ECE R43 safety regulations are conducted during the development and production of the glass. For example, glass is tested to assess its resistance to impacts and to limit any potential injury in case of impact.

  • Quality Certificate

    Quality Certificate