To reach this commitment we work hard with our people, systems, processes and services. We strongly believe that by working in team and involving all our members we can succeed.


“People are our strength” and “Our Quality, everyone, every day” are fundamental slogans
that AGC Automotive continuously remind and believe in. Through various initiatives we
show our belief in our people involvement. We improve the quality mindset through monthly quality day in our plants, as well as a the OEM quality day each year sponsored by HQ directly.

AGC Automotive  slogan “People are our strength”


AGC Automotive Europe has always been a strong believer in the benefits of a robust quality system. Since the beginning of the organization we have always committed to updating our quality system according to the international and customer norms. AGC Automotive Europe is also fully compliant with IATF 16949 requirements.

AGC Automotive Europe is fully compliant with IATF 16949


AGC Automotive Europe strives to improve its process reliability with various method to improve process efficiency and reliability. Only by reaching a Right First Time mindset can we succeed in our mission.

Increasing the reliability of AGC Automotive Europe processes


We have invested significant resources in our service towards our customer, creating a network of skilled people able to support our customer with their daily requests and needs. Special attention has been made to select our members with the same language, culture and approach in order to satisfy our customer needs.

Network of AGC skilled people able to support customers