Interconnected technological trends

The mobile society is investing in 4 interconnected technological trends: connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification, and mobile service. The car will become a platform to enjoy free-time and do leisure and/or business activities during transit. It is also considered that cars’ life-cycles could possibly change in the future.

4 interconnected technological trends

AGC approach

AGC’s approach is intended to rethink the roles of glazing in the general sense, both for manufacturers and for players in the field of mobility.
The pace and the outcome of the evolution are uncertain but the change is undeniable. AGC is working to become a solutions-provider for the future mobile society.

AGC’s approach is  rethink the roles of glazing


While leading technology partners focus on creating demand for LiDAR systems in autonomous vehicles, we are already able to integrate this technology into designs safely and seamlessly. Our infrared transparent glass solutions combined with the expertise of the Wideye team and the power of AGCwill enable you to design, prototype and manufacture the perfect integration solutions for your sensor modules. Read more on

LIDAR systems in autonomous vehicles


AGC Automotive, have a wide range of technologies regarding ‘Cover Glass for Car-Mounted Displays’.
AGC can provide Flat, Curved and Mixed Complex Shape cover glass, which is integrated seamlessly with the car interior and contributes to its unified design. High quality can be ensured through a fully-integrated process that covers everything from chemically strengthening glass, forming complex shapes, and applying optical thin-film coatings and surface decoration printing.

AGC provide Flat, Curved and Mixed Complex Shape cover glass


5G radio signals for stable, high-speed mobile communication are expected to transform vehicles into ‘Mobile Connected Devices’.
AGC Automotive have designed and developed 5G 28GHz band compatible On-Glass Antennas, which are discreet from the exterior and can be installed on glass surfaces without affecting the vehicle design. In 2018, we achieved the world’s first 8Gbps 5G communication with a fast-moving vehicle equipped with On-Glass Antennas in a field trial. You can find more detailed information in the following document :

 5G On-Glass antennas from AGC Automotive