AGC Automotive combines automotive developments with AGC Group’s five core technologies: glass material design technology, glass production technology, fluorination technology, coating technology (surface treatment) optoelectronics-related design technology, etc

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AGC Group’s three categories of mobility, electronics, life scie

Through R&D of automotive glass on a global scale, AGC Automotive contributes to the automobiles’ safety, environmental responsiveness, designs, high-tech functions and IT-orientation.

AGC contribute to the automobiles, safety, design, IT

A century has passed since automobiles have spread to the general public, and now we are in the age of revolutionary change of automobiles more than ever before. The challenge for AGC Automotive to develop glass for mobility that has never existed before is about to begin again.

AGC Group places the field of mobility as a strategic business as part of its management policy, AGC plus, and will provide solutions with higher added value.

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AGC Automotive’s R&D bases in Japan, the U.S. and Belgium