We care about our world and health

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In a world strongly driven by mobility, AGC may contribute to improving OEMs’ environmental footprint.

This can be achieved with our thin glazing products, reducing vehicle weight with direct impact on CO2 emissions. In addition, when glass becomes the electronics interface for HUD, touch screen or rearview mirror, our selective glazing may enable removing some car components (roofs or side windows shutters, windshield shading), reducing air-conditioning size, eliminating specific devices, and may impact on reducing vehicle weight.

We also deliver various coating solutions which improve energy efficiency inside the cabin: by reflecting Infrared rays in warm summer, or protecting cabin temperature in cold winter conditions. Those coated glass solutions enable fuel saving and CO2 emissions decrease as they reduce air-conditioning needs.

All those initiatives are of major importance for the planet.

Visibility & safety
We offer you see-through and protection

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Developing the safest and most reliable products is our first purpose at AGC Automotive. We go above and beyond to produce quality glass ensuring the driver has an optimal view.

Solutions are available to enhance visibility in all weather conditions by repelling water or technologies to remove fog or frost from the windows.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to enhance vehicle safety; head-up displays help the driver stay focused on the road.

AGC Automotive protects vehicle occupants and posessions through laminated glazing applied to all windows or filters integrated in the glass to block ultraviolet (UV) rays, harmful for the skin.

Comfort & convenience
Let's make the world a better place

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Drivers and passengers spend time in their vehicle or on public transportation, so they are increasingly considered as an extension of the home, making the wellbeing of occupants highly important.

AGC Automotive develops glazing technologies that greatly reduce noise and increase thermal comfort in summer for a more pleasant journey.

Small or panoramic, with or without electronic control of the amount of light, with an AGC Automotive sunroof, the sky is the limit.

Convenient solutions are also available to save time and effort such as the AGC Automotive windshields that de-ice electrically in winter, making manual scraping in the cold a thing of the past.

Design & style
We build a more beautiful world

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Glazing contributes considerably to the look and the aesthetics of the vehicle such as dark tinted glass or chrome framed windows.

Vehicles are not just a means of transport, but also a means to express one’s own personality, own identity and to stand out from the crowd.

AGC Automotive wants to move ahead by allowing more customization possibilities of the vehicle: create unique shapes of glazing surfaces, add colored patterns to the windows, or provide a high-gloss finish with glazing appliques.

Infotainment & connected vehicle
Future mobility is shaping glass solutions

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People want to be seamlessly connected, from home to office.

Vehicles are becoming more and more connected, vehicle-to-infrastructure or vehicle-to-vehicle, for providing multiple services (e.g. entertainment, traffic information in real time) or for enhancing their safety (e.g. head-up display, ADAS).

Connectivity requires increasingly powerful antennas.

By designing and incorporating high performance antennas into vehicle glazing, AGC Automotive is ensuring advanced technology does not spoil the lines of the vehicle.