The Company also decided to boost production capacity to respond to increasing demand for its product. This week, AGC is demonstrating a range of its products under the concept of "Glass-as-a-Platform" in booth 1321 at Display Week 2017. The annual display conference and exhibition runs through May 26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif.


AGC Group's car-mounted display cover glass accentuates the sense of luxury and design of car interiors

Its anti-reflective surface treatment offers a number of benefits that include improved visibility and operability, which has led to its increasing adoption as the choice material for car navigation systems and information panels. AGC's subsidiary, AGC Display Glass Yonezawa Co., Ltd. (ADY), began production of the flat-surfaced version of the product in 2013 on a dedicated production line, and was prompted to increase production capacity in April 2016 in order to meet overwhelming demand for the product.


This new curved cover glass is surface-treated using AGC Group's proprietary technology, a process that includes chemical strengthening treatment, optical thin-film coating, and surface printing. The finished product brings vehicle interiors to a new level of sophistication. The trend of in-vehicle displays that offer larger and curved surfaces is expected to continue in years to come. In response to this, AGC's Keihin Plant will boost its production capacity of curved cover glass for car-mounted displays. The AGC Group is committed to solidifying its position as the leading manufacturer of car-mounted display cover glass by swiftly setting up a supply system capable of meeting ever-diversifying needs.

Under its management policy, AGC plus, the AGC Group manufactures products that provide "new value and functions" for its customers. As a pioneer of display materials, including glass substrates and cover glass, the Group will promote technological innovations to offer new added-value products that satisfy its customers. For more information, please visit


Katzumi Takami, General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor relations Office, AGC Asahi Glass
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