These solutions help to maintain social distancing between employees, customers and colleagues. They will therefore contribute to reducing the risk of propagation of viruses such as Covid-19. These protection screens are available in safety laminated or tempered glass. The laminated version results from a collaboration between the Aniche plant1 on the one hand, the AGC Technovation Center2 and our FeelInGlass2 startup on the other hand. The tempered version was born out of a joint effort between the industrial team from the Industrial New Businesses BU and the Kryry processing plant3.

Both versions are suitable for shops and receptions while the latter is also indicated for open spaces (in clear or matt option). Those solutions exist in standard dimensions and are supplied with fixation material.
More information and contact details for both versions can be found in the product factsheets. Do not hesitate to promote these solutions around you and/or to like/share AGC posts on social media.