AGC Automotive technology transforms the windshield into a virtual screen making the information visible even when wearing sunglasses! The virtual screen is powered by EyeLights Operating System for an augmented drive by using computer vision and AI capabilities.

Conventional displays are distractive. The Augmented Reality windshield increases active safety by displaying information where it should be.

Retrofitted car Las vegas

With all the information in the field of view - this technology keeps you focused on the road : « We are convinced the Augmented Reality windshield will be the next Human Machine Interface and in the future, screens will totally disappear from the dashboard. The Augmented Reality windshield interface brings a transparent, wider and safer interface to unleash the full Augmented Reality potential into cars » says Romain DUFLOT, CEO of EyeLights.

Augmented reality display HUD

“Many players try hard to bring complex new HUD(*) technologies to the windscreen, however, they often overlook the numerous stringent optical constraints of the windshield. AGC and EyeLights shared the same vision: to bring a pragmatic disruption to life and we’re now ready to mass produce it and enhance the driving experience” says Patrick Ayoub, Head of Automotive Sensors and Vision at AGC R&D.

Retrofitted car with Augmented reality

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