JR East's luxury sleeper train Shiki-shima, conceptualized as a train for 'enjoying changes in time and space', has
been designed with individualized themes for each compartment. To realize this vision, JR chose AGC's exterior and
interior railway safety glass. Of particular note, the front carriage, containing a special area for enjoying panoramic
views of Japan's landscape, has been outfitted with WONDERLITE™ light control glass, which makes it possible to
adjust passing sunlight simply with a switch.

WONDERLITE™ not only controls passing light(1) but also has a special coating(2) applied which, even in transparent
mode, blocks sunburn-causing ultraviolet light as well as heat-causing infrared light. The glass' combination of light
control and special coating provides an ideal environment for passengers while greatly contributing to reduced power
consumption including the load on air conditioners.

The AGC Group has over 50 years experience in railway safety glass including the glass used on Japan's famous
bullet trains. Under its AGC plus management policy, the AGC Group is committed to continuing to draw on its
diverse materials and technologies to offer products that give its customers the added pluses of 'safety', 'security', and

Note 1: Variable light control works by applying voltage to fine particles embedded in laminated glass to cause them
to line up.
Note 2: A thin metallic coating on the glass surface which greatly improves heat-shielding properties by reducing

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