Silent electrical de-icing at the touch of a button.

Works instantly, not reliant on a warm engine like traditional blowers.

Efficient and fast de-icing solution in cold weather.

Helps keep a more comfortable temperature in summer by reflecting infrared solar rays.

In humid conditions, also ensures efficient defogging.

Extends the life of wiper blades.

Targeted heating options for wipers, cameras or sensors.

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Trends & needs

  • Visibility
  • Thermal comfort
  • Convenience
  • Health
  • Emissions reduction
  • Save planet



Technical information

Invisible coating within the laminated glass ensures efficient defrosting / defogging.

Heating the glass from the inside ensures a fast result with low energy consumption. For example: deicing in less than 4 minutes at -6°C.

Targeted heating of the wiper area is possible, ensuring better safety through longer durability of wiper blades and improved wiping. Heating can be targeted on other parts of the windshields (sensors, cameras…).

Suitable for any type of vehicle:

Improves thermal comfort inside the vehicle in summer, by reflecting invisible infrared solar rays. Depending on configuration and climatic conditions, up to 15°C reduction in the vehicle:

Enables fuel savings and decreases CO2 emissions by reducing air-conditioning needs and shortening times required to cool down the cabin.