Improves thermal comfort in summer, reducing sweating, breathing difficulties, hot seats and steering wheels.

Lowers the temperature by 10°C to 15°C, by reflecting invisible infrared solar rays, keeping the vehicle comfortable as soon as you get inside.

Reduces the time needed to cool down the vehicle interior.

Enables fuel savings and decreases CO2 emissions by reducing air-conditioning needs.

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Trends & needs

  • Thermal comfort
  • Health
  • Emissions reduction
  • Save planet



Technical information

An invisible coating applied inside the laminated glass reflects back the infrared (IR) rays before they can enter the car cabine.

Improves thermal comfort inside the car in summer, by reflecting invisible infrared solar rays. Depending on car configuration and climatic conditions, up to 15°C temperature reduction inside:

For example: Solar energy transmission down to 30% (compared to 55% when using standard tinted green glass).

Solar factor (TTS) down to 40% (compared to 65% when using a tinted green glass).