Strong reduction of traffic noise, for a more comfortable journey. Powerful external sounds (horns, sirens, etc.), necessary for safety, remain audible.

Safer in the event of accidents: in case of glass breakage, prevents sharp pieces of glass from being propelled inside the vehicle.

Efficient against break-ins: slows down intrusion attempts (typically by more than 10 minutes).

Protects your skin, block of ultraviolet (UV) rays

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Trends & needs

  • Safety
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Health



Technical information

The lamination process bonds two pieces of glass together using an acoustic interlayer sheet giving a stronger structure that is harder to break and a reduction in noise from outside.

The plastic sheet holds glass pieces together in case of breakage, reducing the risk of flying shards of glass or passenger ejection outside the vehicle in case of accident.

Requires up to 10 minutes to penetrate the glazing, giving increased protection against theft, intrusion or carjacking.

The special interlayer improves acoustic performance, giving strong reductions of external noise for a more comfortable and focused drive, especially at speeds above 70km/h.

Lower noise coming from engine, air friction, road surface and passing vehicles.

Enhances the in-car experience by making everything easier to hear: music, conversations, GPS directions, etc…

Improves driver comfort and concentration.