First in the world 1 to offer windshield, side glass, and rear glass that block 99% 2 of UV rays in your car in all directions.

1 As of Nov. 2015 according to AGC survey
2 AGC measured value, ISO9050 standard

UV and IR-cut glass keeps the cabin and its occupants in ultimate comfort.

All AGC UV-cut automotive glass bears The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, perfect for health and beauty conscious customers.

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Trends & needs

  • Thermal comfort
  • Health



Technical information

Laminated glass with approx. 99% UV cut. IR absorbent added in the interlayer provides high level of heat insulation.

Front Door Glass
Existing high performance UV-cut glass with heat insulating IR-cut coating, realizing 99% UV cut.

Rear Door/Backlite Glass
Through employing UV absorption component of existing Privacy Glass, realizes 99% UV cut with high level of heat insulation.