Maximize the operating time of the vehicle by minimizing the time of glazing replacement.

Simplify the glazing replacement thanks to the tailored-made user-friendly design.

Facilitate the positioning of the window during vehicle manufacturing.

Can integrate a tilting window for additional passenger comfort.

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Trends & needs

  • Convenience
  • Design & style



Technical information

The framing system is made of machined, shaped, drilled and welded aluminium.

The aluminium frame can be anodized and/or painted for added style and durability.

AGC offers a full range of paint colours and gloss levels to fit with vehicle design.

Anti-graffiti properties are also available.

All kinds of glazing can be integrated into our frame system, including thin thermal tempered glass, high comfort double glazing units, Very High Resistance glass and windshields.

A wide range of systems is available depending on desired functions, from a simple frame screwed onto the vehicle body to a fully glazed design.
Our tailored solution will encompass:

- Mouting and dismounting orientation
- Desired replacement time
- Design of vehicle body
- Desire to use sealant
- Clear view dimensions
- Mechanical constraints & applicable safety standards
- Window shape
- Flush requirements

Solutions of perfectly watertight tilting windows are available.