Our fastest emergency exit system gets you out in under 15 seconds.

Easy-to-use: just follow the clear pictogram explanation.

No alteration of other characteristics: window function, comfort and aesthetic chatacteristics are equal to the regular passenger windows.

Our emergency window systems can be used with all vehicle speeds, including extremely high speed trains.

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Trends & needs

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Health
  • Design & style



Technical information

AGC has developed, certified and implemented original and reliable evacuation systems that allow passengers to leave a vehicle in less than 15 seconds.

The system is independent of any electrical or electronic supply that could be damaged in emergency situations.

AGC emergency exit windows can be adapted to work both ways: for travelers inside the vehicle and for the rescue teams outside.

Depending on the solutions, glazing can be broken from both inside and outside, people can escape from the vehicle and rescue teams can also intervene from outside.

Keep safe: people can leave the vehicle without special care to avoid injuries. Safety is at the heart of our design, avoiding cuts whilst passing through.

The emergency exit system can also be adapted to stop falling glass.

AGC can develop together with customers personal pictogram or procedure that are very easy to understand. Phosphorescent pAGC can develop with customers personalized pictograms or procedures that are very easy to understand. Phosphorescent printing can be integrated to strengthen the visibility of the emergency exit.

AGC emergency exit systems fulfill the most demanding standards.