Integrated within the glazing, seamless antennas enhance aesthetics and maintain the lines of vehicle design.

Outstanding performance
Stand alone antenna with high performance (passive gain, radiation pattern, directivity). Improved signal to noise ratio, and enhanced global system performance.

Faster development, smoother process
One single supplier responsible for design, development and production; including digital simulation and easy integration of all peripheral functions to reduce development risks and allow faster market launch.

Early troubleshooting
Using AGC digital antenna design, antenna systems can be specified in very early stages of your project.

Tripolar know how
Antenna development can be performed by AGC in our industry-leading anechoic chambers situated in 3 key regions (Japan, Europe, USA).

AGC accepts your challenge…Our 40 years of antenna design experience means we can take-on your challenges from basics to cutting edge antenna architecture.
Our antenna systems are custom developed.

You can find more detailed information in the following document :

ID card

Trends & needs

  • Design & style
  • Connectivity



Technical information

Broadcast antennas
AGC develop (specify and design) glass radio antennas (for AM, FM, DAB, DTV, RKE, etc…). The antennas are made using conductive printing or thin embedded wire. They are compatible with tempered, laminated and laminated coated glass.

Telematics antennas
AGC develop Telematics glass antenna solutions to cover multiple functions (e.i. 2/3/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc…). The antennas are made with conductive printing , or alternatively an adhesive antenna patch. AGC optimize the design and placement of the antenna to provide a Plug&Play product.

V2X – 5G antenna
AGC can also provide V2X or 5G glass antenna solutions.

Antenna simulation
AGC perform advanced antenna simulation on the entire vehicle to optimize the antenna design and architecture.

Antenna testing
AGC has industry-leading anechoic chambers in Japan, Europe and USA: an open service center, equipped to specify your antenna system, from AM to 5G. As an additional service, AGC will also phisically optimise your glass antenna.