Gives an elegant, stylish look.

Ensures privacy, lowers theft risk by keeping your posessions out of sight.

Helps maintain comfortable temperatures in summer by preventing heat from entering the vehicle.

Enables fuel savings and decreases CO2 emissions by reducing air-conditioning needs.

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Trends & needs

  • Thermal comfort
  • Design & style
  • Emissions reduction



Technical information

The dark tint is obtained by altering the chemical composition of the glass, giving lower light transmission.

AGC has a full range of dark glass, including grey and green tints in a variety of privacy and thicknesses.

By reducing the light transmission, dark glass offers visual protection from the outside environment.

Dark glass absorbs part of the incoming sunrays, leading to.

Lowers temperatures by preventing the sun's heat from entering in the vehicle, meaning reduced need for air conditioning and increased fuel and CO2 savings.

Improve skin protection by decreasing the amount of ultraviolet (UV) sunrays transmitted inside the vehicle.