Helps keep a more comfortable temperature in summer by reflecting infrared solar rays.

Get faster a more comfortable temperature in winter by reflecting back the inside heat.

Reduces “cold wall” effect of the roof in winter time.

More efficient air conditioning enables extension of mileage range for EVs.

Reduced CO2 emission of the vehicle impacting eco credits and improved fuel consumption.

The low emissivity of the coated glass allows a removal of the roller blind system, offering cost and weight saving.

Neutral color coating.

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Trends & needs

  • Thermal comfort
  • Convenience
  • Emissions reduction
  • Save planet



Technical information

High visible light transmission (TV>70%) applicable for all glazing’s.

Thermal insulation performance (Ɛ < 0.2).

IR-reflecting performance for summer- and winter comfort .

Low light reflection on inner surface possible.

Neutral color.